Dropped Object Protection

RollSafe is a Dropped Object Protection Shutter for use on Moonpool areas which is DNV certified to catch a 185 kilogram weight from 20 meters.

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Oil and Gas Industry Contractors

System 2000 Group Ltd. were approached by Rigmar Services to design, manufacture and install a dropped object protection system capable of stopping a 50 kilo weight dropped from 20 meters above. The final solution, RollSafe, is able to stop an item over three times the weight specified, when dropped from the same height. Contact us now for further information.

System 2000 will design a RollSafe Deck to your exacting specifications, using CAD work, and over 30 years of experience in the Roller Shutter industry.
The RollSafe Deck has been developed and tested to ensure it meets DNV requirements. Multiple drop tests were carried out before the system was installed.
System 2000 are able to manage the installation procedures of the RollSafe deck in its entirety, ensuring a clean installation on shorter timescales.

System 2000 Group Ltd. managed to design, manufacture and deliver a hugely successful project within an extremely tight timeframe. We are thrilled with their ability to work under pressure and produce such a bold, innovative solution to a long standing health and safety issue within the oil and gas industry, allowing the operational ability of the rig to be maintained when personnel are working below the moonpool.

Steven Bunting, Rigmar Project Manager

System 2000 Group, 39 Wood End Lane, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 8AN

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Roller Shutter
Granted under UK Patent Number GB2508909
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