System 2000 Group Ltd.

System 2000 Group Ltd, founded in 1970, are widely acknowledged to be one of the UK’s leading companies in the field of high security shutters, grilles, doors and anti ram-raid systems. We operate from our centrally located premises in Birmingham and provide an extensive range of security products and shopfronts.

When approached by Rigmar Services to create a Dropped Object Protection System for use on oil rigs, we first tested our Patented Anti Ram-Raid Shutter Technology which we have been using for 20 years.

Anti Ram-Raid Technology

Anti-Ram Technology

System 2000 Patented Anti-Ram Technology

As a result of the ever increasing number of ram raid attacks, System 2000 Group designed a unique anti ram raid security shutter solution to be used in conjunction with its auxiliary equipment, to secure and protect not only products but the premises themselves. System 2000 Group designs, manufactures and installs anti-ram raid security shutters and grilles to Home Office recommendations, helping to combat crime.

Every box lath contains two high tensile steel rods running through the entire length of the lath and through the dedicated endlocks and steel anchor system.

Each rod has a bursting strength of 2.4 tons.

Should the shutter be subjected to ram-raid attack, the laths and stainless steel rods will interlock into the dedicated guide system, energy absorbing guide fixings and steel subframe. This dramatically reduces sheer loading and the curtain flexes, bringing the vehicle to a halt. The System 2000 Group roller shutter curtain is already inherently 40% stronger than conventional extruded sections with composite materials.

This revolutionary technology was put to good use in designing an even stronger shutter to meet the requirement specified for the RollSafe Deck System; the shutter you see below, as installed on the Rowan Norway N-Class jack-up rig.

Oil Rig Moonpool RollSafe Installed

Before and after RollSafe installation on the Rowan Norway